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New Book: 360° feedback and personality tests in leadership assessment

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

My second book, an empirically based examination of the interaction between 360° feedback and personality tests regarding the prediction of leadership success and management potential, has recently been published as book by one of the world’s foremost STM publishers (http://www.springer.com/de/book/9783658166182#otherversion=9783658166182).

The book deals with current questions on leadership assessment and closes an existing research gap. The readers will get familiar with a number of relevant topics regarding the application of 360° procedures in the context of leadership assessment and performance evaluation and will find expected as well as unexpected answers.

The focus is on the assessment of whether or not it is promising to combine the behavior based 360° procedure with personality tests. The goal is to improve the prediction of leadership success and management potential.

In this context, it is dealt with differences between superior, peer, subordinate and self-ratings by means of analyzing the links between the 360° rating and the line manager’s personality traits.

Other topics covered are the construction of a personality test and an explanation of gender differences in the 360° rating.

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