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Agile Transformation, Organizational Change

Supporting established organizations and startups to find, implement and sustain ways for more agility. With a focus on agile leadership and agile culture. Supporting organizational change hands on: planning, managing, implementing and evaluating. 

Implementing "New Work", getting fit for the future of work

Support to find the vision and mission for the future. Identifying the right strategy and translating it into organizational development and change measurements. Gaining a sound as-is profile to start and building on strengths. 

  • Way of working, values and principles

  • Leadership principles and competencies

  • Learning & Development 

  • Org design & change:  simplifying the way to get things done in the organization, focus, and implementing "sensors" for fast responses to change. Iterative  removal of central impediments. 

Motivational speeches and keynotes

Expert keynotes and motivational speeches. Topics:

  • Future of Work / New Work

  • Modern and agile leadership 

  • The agile culture code; the psychology of agile

  • How to get fit for the future of work today

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