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The Psychology of the Agile Manifesto- Psychological Research to support Agile Working

There are decades of psychological research on leadership and work and occupation. Things we know about human-centred workplaces, about the power of a job to make our life better by providing us with meaningfulness and impact, and about the power a job has to harm our motivation, self-esteem and even physical health. Now: Psychologists like me are preaching the insights since a long time to an audience that only partly listens. And then: there comes the Agile Manifesto, summarizing work-approaches that carry many of the psychological insights forward. For me, this was the moment where I understood that this is the way forward to a better way of working.

Meet me in at the Agile2023! More about the session:

This session explains the psychology behind the “Agile Manifesto” and the application of agile methodologies. It delivers a science-based perspective that helps leaders, Agile Coaches, and Scrum Masters as well as agile practitioners to understand the psychological logic and levers behind fostering motivation and increasing performance through agile ways of working. From a psychological view, agile work approaches, principles, and methodologies are leading in the right direction to foster performance, motivation, satisfaction, and even individual health. But there is still room for improvement. Compelling psychological fallacies and pitfalls are uncovered. Practical advice is provided to help adjust and improve work circumstances and practices.

And for more, check out #TheAgileCultureCode and the upcoming eLearning options for knowledge deep-dives and exclusive expert insights or get feedback on your leadership / working style with the AgileCultureCode 360°-Feedback.

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