Executive Coaching

Supporting leaders to know where they stand, be at their best, professionalize their leadership and achieve their goals. 

Strengths finding and orientation

Using scientific methods to identify strengths and potential, motives and values, as well as personal risk factors. Gain clarity on personal goals and find ways to achieve them. 

With specialist advice for female leaders.

"New Work" Coaching

Helping individuals to prepare for or adapt to the future of work. Building the right competencies and strategies through personality development, growth mindset coaching and lessons on how to position yourself and achieve goals in the modern organization. 

Agile Coaching

Facilitating adopting and learning to work agile. Supporting individuals and teams to develop and sustain agile excellence. 

  • Professional as-is analysis, assessment and advice

  • Team workshops to define development goals and identify impediment

  • Coaching of individuals and teams

  • Expert advice and supervision for agile coaches (coaching psychology)