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How much agile culture is in you? Free survey

Updated: Jul 14, 2023

A priority for companies trying to achieve organizational agility is often to work on strategy, structure and processes. While this work is important, it misses the very essence of agility: people acting proactive, nimble and with high adaptability.The agility of an organization comes down to the behavior of the leaders, teams and individuals.

Agile organizations show a clear pattern in their company culture.

This behavior is mirrored in the working culture. Thus, agile organizations show a clear pattern in their company culture. We call this the "agile culture code" and break down the culture elements in the T E C model. A quick summary can be found on the Agile Business Consortium`s blog.

The T E C model shows what makes an organization or a person agile, respectively what is missing to achieve agility.

Wether you work in a company that claims to be agile but you don`t feel it (and assume it might be fake agile, how Forbes named it) or work in a company that has never even used the term agility but is highly adaptable and innovative. You can get a pretty good assessment of what makes the company agile, respectively, what is it, the company lacks in order to become truly agile, using the T E C model.

A free survey to compare yourself, your boss or your company with the Agile Culture Code.

For this purpose, we designed a free survey. There are four self-assessments available:

  • TEC Way of Working Check (your personal working style/ preference against the agile culture code)

  • TEC Culture Check (your organization`s company culture)

  • TEC Leadership Check (your personal leadership style)

In addition you can choose the Org Rebel check, through which we collect data that helps us with further research.

  • Organizational Rebel Check (your degree of organizational rebelliousness)

A page with your test results can be downloaded for free. All input and output is anonymous, including your IP address and browser type. Please note that this self-assessment is for reflection purposes only (not to be used in personnel selection matters).

The surveys can provide more clarity in where your organization or you stand on the journey to agility. To work with the results, the book "The agile culture code" (available in English and German) provides all the resources you need. For further need for coaching or a consultation, contact us at Psychology4Agility!

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