• Dr. Stefanie Puckett

Agile Leadership - Keynote for the Agile Business Consortium

Title: Agile leadership - trait or craft? A research based competency model Description: How agile leadership can be learned. A study by the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation reveals the competencies behind agile Leadership. Based on the book "Agile Leadership - Leadership Competencies for the Agile Transformation", the implications for day to day leadership behaviour will be explored. Dr. Stefanie Puckett, psychologist, has lived and worked globally for several consulting firms, in management and global roles for a Fortune 500 company, and ran her own business. Agile transformation has become her passion as a consultant and executive coach. Stefanie is co-author of "Agile Leadership – leadership competencies for the agile transformation" (BusinessVillage, 2020) and author of "The agile culture code – a guide to organisational agility" (BusinessVillage, 2020) www.agilethroughculture.com

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