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Book: The Agile Culture Code - A guide to organizational agility

Prof. Michael Wade, Director of the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation about the book:

"There is no question in my mind that cultural transformation is the largest challenge facing organizations when it comes to digital disruption. Executive teams have spent a great deal of time, energy, and money on the ‘digital’ side of digital transformation, but have paid much less attention to the ‘transformation’ side. And, when it comes to transformation, cultural change is key.

The failure to address cultural change, I believe, is the main reason that most digital transformation exercises fail to meet objectives. However, just acknowledging that culture can be both a blocker and an enabler of transformation is not enough – executives need to know ‘how’ to drive cultural change. Or, more precisely, they need to build a culture within their organizations that is adaptable to change. That is, one that is able to change as environments change; in other words, ‘how to build an agile culture?’.

This question is at the core of this book and Stefanie Puckett has taken a rigorous approach to answering it. Her ‘transparency, empowerment, collaboration’ model provides a powerful lens through which to view and manage cultural change.

The Agile Culture Code book bridges theory and practice to produce a thoughtful and useful blueprint, full of practical examples, check lists, and cultural change ‘hacks’. It is an extremely useful tool for anyone struggling to navigate the tricky world of cultural change in organizations."

Michael Wade, Professor of Innovation and Strategy at IMD, Cisco Chair in Digital Business Transformation, Director of the Global Center for Digital Business Transformation.

The book: Puckett, S. (2020). The Agile Culture Code - A guide to organisational agility. BusinessVillage.

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