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A year ago it was there (the book). What I´ve learned about Agile Leadership... September 2019

It has been a year ago today (September 2018) that I was able to hold the book in my hands. In 2016 the idea was born. There was so much uncertainty around when the topic #AgileLeadership was mentioned. Experienced HR professionals, leaders with many years on the job reacted even intimidated by that trend spilling out of Software Development, the Agile Manifesto gaining traction in Silicon Valley and beyond.

I didn`t understand why. All you professionals leading people or supporting people`s and organizations` development hands on or with expert knowledge – we`ve been around for a while, we have seen many trends and constantly learned from experience. So why did we shy back here?

Intrigued and challenged, I started some research, some conversations and collected experiences. The more I learned, the angrier I got. People trying to copy-paste what they see in “progressive companies” in Silicon Valley or read in trending literature. Instead of trusting and using their own common sense and experience to stand up and create their own plan to face the new (and not so new) challenges, the digital transformation has thrown at us, their own version of New Work.

Looking for inspiration? Yes! Applying field-proven methods and tools within the agile suite? Yes! But not instead of using our mind to make sense of it, to treat all that as tools and methods that might serve us when transforming to our and our company`s best future version.

After a year filled with feedback from readers, I believe more strongly than ever that we have the solution for today`s challenges in us. We have the experience, knowledge and abilities to excel.

It is an honor to be allowed to contribute to each person`s and organization`s journey by triggering reflection, with helpful theories, approaches and scientific insights – and hands on tips …

...that encourage experimentation and support advancement, finding and defining our own ways to meet the future by personalizing agile leadership.

Since then, we`ve made it on bestseller lists, placed a bunch of articles and speeches with great resonance, and had so many enriching conversations around the topic. And currently, we are working on the English translation.

THANK YOU to all readers who gave feedback and joined the conversation (more reviews on Amazon are always welcome

Thank you to the publisher who supported us so professionally @BusinessVillage, @ChristianHoffmann.

Thank you to @metaBeratung and @NicoleNeubauer for your valuable contributions.

Thank you for the ground breaking research @IMD, @MikeWade, @GlobalCenterFor DigitalBusinessTransformation, @HoganAssessments.

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