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Making work better. But how? 

Today`s and certainly tomorrow`s challenges require us to be quick on our feet. Sense changes early, find creative ways to conquer the challenge or seize the opportunity, and adapt fast. 

We can do this. We are - by nature - problem solvers. We we are explorers. Creativity and adaptability are ingrained in our human makeup. Achieving agility should come natural to us. But often, in the professional context, it doesn`t. Because we operate in environments and in ways, that weren`t built for agility. How can we change this? 

In times of AI, we pay more attention to what differentiates us from the machine and get a better understanding of the incredible human potential we have. To tap in to this potential, we need to create an environment and design work around human nature. Agile methodologies and, more important, agile principles provide a great starting point. It is the science of human nature - Psychology - that will help us go beyond. Achieve human-centred excellence and keep exploring, adapting, and evolving in our work. 

Explore how Psychology4Agility can help you. 


Get the psychological knowledge for your job as Agile Coach, Scrum Master, Agile Leader via eLearning with certificate

  • Psychology background for Agile Practitioners, Coaches and Leaders

  • Psychology deep dive for Agile Coaches 

  • Understanding and applying the Agile Culture Code (T E C Model)

Assessment & Competency Development

Start with inspect & adapt. Measure your leadership or working style, collect feedback and excel your development. 

  • 360°-Feedback, Self-Assessment and culture & team surveys 

  • Find your strengths and potential, identify development opportunities for personal & professional growths via Coaching 

  • Training / Coaching for leaders


Get expert advise and support with your challenge

  • Large scale agile transformation & Change initiatives 

  • Leadership Culture 

  • Self-organization & team-development

  • Company culture & ways of working 

>>>>> Reach out to discuss face2face or remote PROGRAMS FOR YOUR TEAM / COMPANY
or invite Dr. Puckett to facilitate a WORKSHOP or deliver a KEYNOTE. 

To learn more about broader scale leadership development, coaching or assessment solutions
and HR-consulting, visit
SynergyMind Consulting

About the founder

Psychologist Dr. Stefanie Puckett is an internationally recognized expert in the fields of leadership and personality development, agile leadership, agile culture and new ways of working. 


Her articles have been published in numerous trade journals and management outlets. Her books help leaders, teams and organizations around the globe to utilize psychological insights to improve and transform their way of working. 

After about 15 years of international experience in different management consultancies, international management roles in a Fortune 500 company and in research, Stefanie founded Psychology4Agility and SynergyMind Consulting.

With over 1000 leaders, several hundred international workshops, seminars and consulting projects, she works as consultant and executive advisor and coach with her clients on leadership, personal and organizational development and agile transformation. 

Stefanie holds a master degree in psychology (Dipl. Psych., 2007) and doctorate degree in organizational psychology (Dr. phil.).

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